Save Cash Just for Joining the Toyin Community

Toyin Deals

Photo: Thought Catalog / Burst

Unforgettable experiences are 10 times better with a friend. That’s why Toyin is giving users a special treat for using its services and bringing a friend on board. The revolutionary hair appointment booking app is launching two deals just for being a valued Toyin member. 

New users will earn a 10% discount just for downloading the app and creating an account. They can use this to book their first appointment for any style they’re looking for once the lockdown orders for hairdressers are lifted in the U.K. The discount will make clients’ comeback to the styling chair — especially for those in need of quick fixes to their “quarantine haircuts” — even more satisfying.

The deals don’t end there. Toyin members automatically enroll in the Toyin Referral Program when their account goes live. Toyin prides itself on creating the best customer experience with high-quality service, optimal convenience, a user-friendly interface, crystal-clear transparency, and high standards of safety. Why not share that prime experience with friends and family? Toyin users will save 10% on their next hair appointment when their friends book using their referral code. Users can head to the “My Info” page in their profile tab in the Toyin App to find their referral code and a list of friends who used your referral code. 

Download the Toyin App today from the App Store or Google Play Store to get access to these sweet deals for you and your friends. Then check out the Toyin website to get all the details on how the app adds convenience to hair appointments