Toyin Members Can Turn Hard Work into Quality Gifts

Toyin Giveaway Blowdryer

Toyin, the app that enables users to discover and book the best hairstylist or barber within the same radius, is set to launch its Rewards Program for members. At Toyin, the barbers and hairdressers make up our workforce. Their diligence is the fuel that keeps the app running, so to them, we’d like to shout a massive, “Thank you!” to show we appreciate their hard work. For all the accidental green hair dye job corrections, the “my little sister cut my hair” fiascos, the pushy clients, and the nice ones, too, we see their effort, poise, and creativity in every appointment. 

On top of getting their well-deserved paycheck plus a monthly cash bonus, we will give members gifts to help keep their businesses running smoothly. 

We plan to support our members, especially through the good and the not so good. We will provide the tools necessary to keep stylists’ livelihoods going, even if they have to be away from clients at this time. While we offer marketing capabilities and a direct link to customers via GPS tracking, we will reward stylists with the exceptional quality hair products and tools they’ll need to continue running their businesses. The app will track Toyin Team Members’ completed appointments, keeping a tally of the hard work they’ve accomplished. After completing a certain number of bookings, members will earn one exclusive gift that we will personally ship to them. These include anything from barbicide and travel bags to hairdryers, razor sets, and everything in between. So, the more appointments they complete, the more gifts they can earn, motivating them to keep up their great work. It’s our job to show how much we care about our members, so we’re saving them some cash and a trip to the beauty supply shop to do so. 

Toyin Giveaway Barber Bag

Clients will not be left high and dry. We appreciate their use of the app as well! As a massive show of appreciation for relying on us to help them find the right stylist for them, we will also include clients in Toyin’s Member Rewards Program. As valued customers, they will receive the same quality products we will award our stylists and barbers for every completed booking, so clients can access the best haircare when they can’t make it to the salon or have a stylist meet them. Our clients deserve the best, and that’s what we strive to offer them with our service.

So, hairdressers, barbers, and clients are welcome to join the Toyin Team to get their hands on awesome gifts that can benefit their businesses, show appreciation — and save them some money, too. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store to get styling and start racking up the rewards today. Also, check out the Toyin App website to learn more about our innovative hair appointment booking app and our blog to stay up-to-date on Toyin news.