Money makes the world go ‘round — that’s how the saying goes, at least. Your money is important to you, and we get that. That’s why Toyin takes some of the biggest measures possible to keep it and your account data safe under lock and key at all costs. And what’s the best way to do that? By talking you through the process.

The transaction is one of the biggest parts for the process, and to help make sure you know exactly what it is that you’re paying for and how you go about doing it can make a huge difference to the experience. Toyin gives you the peace of mind you need from finding which barber is the best choice for you to how you’ll pay for the service.

 How Toyin Works

After you’ve done all your homework and found the stylist that’s the best fit for you, you need to book your appointment. It’s all in-app, and it couldn’t be easier. Just click, book, and wait to see things unfold. It’s easy to see what’s available with price lists that break down exactly what you’re paying for so that you won’t be caught with a service you didn’t know you were to receive. Transparency is key.

Toyin Barber List

up: the decision. It’s not just you in this after all. Once you’ve picked one and chosen the best time for your stylist to arrive, you’ll need to wait for them to agree to the service you want and when you want it. The more communication the better. As soon as your stylist is happy, you’ll get a notification telling you that everything is good to go.

Then, things get moving, and you’ll get another notification stating that your stylist is on their way, so you know that things are on track. To make it as easy and convenient as possible, Toyin gives you the opportunity to track your stylist’s location. There’s no wasting time or waiting around. When the stylist arrives, you’ll get the final transit notification stating that they are at your location and ready to give you the hairstyle of your choice.


Now, everything is over, and it’s time to finalise the transaction. That starts with the stylist sending you a payment request. With this time-saving process, all you have to do is enter your card details and send the money. Don’t worry — all the details we obtain are secured through the system, which puts your mind at ease. If everything is up to standard, you’re set.

GPS MapFinal Steps

Finally, show some love to your stylist by leaving a review, booking another appointment, and sharing the awesome work your stylist has done by adding #yourhairyourchoice and tagging on Instagram and tagging Toyin on Facebook. Whatever you do, you know that it’s all been taken care of and ready for you again next time, all with a few clicks!