Getting your hair styled in a salon or barbershop is what you know and love, but there are alternatives out there that may be better suited for your lifestyle and needs. Although you may be accustomed to traditional salon visits, taking the time out of your busy day to trek to the salon can be rough. If you’re on the fence about bringing your hairstylist or barber to you, here are four of the benefits that will get you to consider taking the plunge.


Commuting is something that most of us already have to do on a daily basis, and it’s not ideal. It takes time, money, and effort to get where you need to be and back home again. If you’re looking for a stylist that really has something special, you may have to travel for miles.

With mobile hairstyling, you get the convenience of having the stylist travel to you along with the comfort of staying home. That can be priceless on its own, saves you the gas mileage, and gives you the peace of mind to know that someone else is doing all that hard work for you.

Out of Hours

Sticking with the convenience theme that mobile styling can offer, the practicality of flexible hours is up there with the biggest selling points. How could it not be? Having to make your way to your stylist is bad enough, but having to do it in the middle of your busy week can be a huge hassle. It means you have to lose valuable time that you just might not have.

Getting your hair styled from home is usually way more flexible than this. You can get it done pretty much any time: after work, before work, and even at work. You can do whatever you like and still find that important time and place to get your hair styled best suits you — not the stylist.


All of the above points also have one huge thing in common. It might even go without saying. Getting your hair styled takes time. It sounds silly, but stick with us here. All of the commuting, the waiting, the booking, it takes so much time. If you actually sat down and tried to work it out, you might surprise yourself — and not in a good way.

That’s where the last beauty of mobile hairstyling really comes into light. It saves you so much time. You don’t have to travel, wait, or queue; you just search, book, and go. You can track your stylist with Toyin and do whatever you like in the meantime. Styling has never been more convenient.

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