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Toyin enables you to discover, book the best hairstylist
or barber within the same radius as you.

Discover Stylists

TOYIN enables you to discover and book the best hairstylists or barbers within your radius.

Book & Track Stylist

TOYIN allows you to track your stylist en-route to you so that you can know the exact time they will arrive.

Book & track Stylist

Toyin allows you to track your style
en-route to you, which is a great
way to know exactly the time
stylist will arrive for home

Message Stylists

Chat with stylists before appointments and between bookings to ask any questions or get styling tips.

Book and Pay

Book and pay directly through the app. There’s no need for cash-handling or queues.

Book and Pay

TBook & pay directly through
the app. No need for cash handling
or queues.

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