Prime Minister Boris Johnson sealed the fate of the hairstyling industry for the foreseeable future when he declared a stay at home order for the United Kingdom on March 23, 2020. The prime minister enforced the strict mandate to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus and the UK’s healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed. Within a matter of seconds, the hairstyling industry came to a screeching halt, with all salons, barber shops and freelance stylists closing up shop indefinitely.

Stylists and barbers are legally barred from continuing to meet clients for appointments, but now is the perfect time to re-evaluate marketing strategies to stay afloat. Everyone from the business professionals whose hair is becoming overgrown to the moms and dads with hair going grey while working double-duty homeschooling and continuing their careers will be rushing to stylists the minute the restrictions are lifted. Stylists should prepare for this impending influx of customers. Toyin is the optimal app for re-strategizing during this difficult time and staying on track to success for the moment the appointments start flooding in.

Some styling businesses — big and small — may believe that no appointments means endless downtime. However, clients are waiting on their heels for the moment a stylist can wrangle their unattended locks, making this a stylist’s opportunity to ramp up marketing efforts. Toyin can help hair stylists stay on top of this impending increase in demand for appointments by directing customers to top styling professionals who are members on the platform.

With Toyin, the simple download and sign-up makes it easy for hair professionals to market their services during the lockdown. In the free app, which is a major plus during a time of dwindling profits, professionals can set up their own account and profile page to advertise their services and show off glowing reviews. Clients can search the app and find top styling professionals nearby who offer the services these clients will need in the next few months. Once the stay-at-home order ends, the app will allow clients to book appointments with these stylists immediately.

Hair styling professionals can also use Toyin to stay connected with their clients while social distancing. During this difficult time, staying groomed and maintaining normalcy remains a top priority for many clients. For the clients who are relying on video conferencing within their careers and staying connected with family and friends, continuing to look presentable is a necessity. This will inevitably lead to botched at-home dye-jobs and haircuts, as the stay-at-home order could potentially last several months.

With Toyin’s built-in messaging platform, assisting clients with at-home styling has never been simpler and more convenient. Stylists can chat with clients and provide tips and tricks of the trade they can use at home. They can even walk through some quick fixes or full styles to help their clients stay webcam-ready — no in-person meetings needed. Chats like these will help stylists maintain a close working relationship with their clients, stay a safe distance apart and create return customers, who will be rushing to book hair styling services once the lockdown order is lifted.

The hair styling industry is in the midst of a dire situation. In this time of anxiety and uncertainty, Toyin is here to support those who make the industry exceptional. For the seasoned colorist to the hometown barber and everyone in between, Toyin stands with them in this time of need to help wade through the storm, stay on track to success and remain safe and healthy. Download Toyin for iOS today.