Salons and freelance hairdressers can do their part to stay safe while dodging a potential second wave of coronavirus.

Coronavirus with a Barber

Photo: Unsplash / Fusion Medical Animation / Thgusstavo Santana

Monday marked a critical day in Phase 1 of the United Kingdom’s reopening plan. Non-essential retail and services reopened their doors and revved up their tills to long-awaiting welcome customers. However, hairdressers and barbers are still taking a backseat until “at least July,” according to Sky News

As the UK healthcare system effectively works to bend the curve during the novel coronavirus pandemic, hairdressers and barbers are itching to get back to work. In the meantime, salons and freelancers are prepping in a race against time for their tentative July 4 return to ensure safety at the salon chair. 

The haircare industry known for its standard hygienic practices is going above and beyond to drive this prized quality home — and prevent a potential second wave. Otherwise, the chances of reopening any time soon will be few and far between. 

Here are five ways to prep your business’ July comeback.

1. Require clients and employees to wear face masks. 

According to Sky News, Cambridge University released a report that stated, “basic homemade masks can reduce transmission — and could even help to prevent a second wave.” Meanwhile, Sky News also reported that another study published in The Lancet revealed that mask-wearers reduce the chances of contracting COVID-19 by 3%. Wearing faces masks is critical to keeping your employees and clients safe, so stock up on face masks and other protective gear, like gloves and face guards, for employees. Also, refuse to allow clients into the salon or enter a client’s home if they do not have a face mask on and inform them of this new policy before the start of the appointment. 

2. Limit the number of people in the building at one time. 

This is much for salons owners to tackle than it is for freelancers. Salon owners can require hair appointment bookings be made at least a day in advance, cap the number of clients an employee sees on a given day, and establish a rotation schedule for employees to limit their potential exposure. They can also prevent clients from waiting inside the salon and reduce the number of salon chairs in the building.

However, freelancers face limits to the control they have during appointments because they are entering environments where they are unaware of the conditions, such as the cleanliness and number of people living in or occupying the space. Requiring clients to adhere to specific policies while in their own home can help mitigate this issue. This can include requiring clients to wear masks while you two are the only people in a space at one time. 

Toyin makes this task even simpler by requiring appointment bookings to be completed via the app. All of the usual in-person activities, including choosing a date and making the payment transaction are done on the platform prior to and after the booking is complete — no face-to-face interactions are required. Therefore, Toyin can help salon owners and freelancer hairdressers limit the time a client will be near the stylist and other clients and sends them quickly on their way — with a posh style and peace of mind — afterward. 

3. Establish social distancing solutions. 

While social distancing indoors may be tricky, there are workarounds for the requirement. A simple fix can be spacing out salon chairs by 2 meters and requiring staff to maintain this distance whenever possible. A further suggestion is to attach Plexiglas barriers at the reception desk and between hair shampooing stations for additional protection. 

4. Clean all surfaces used during appointments. 

Being a neat freak during this time is not something to be ashamed of. Always have disinfecting cleaning products handy throughout the day to keep work stations clean. Wipe down these areas before and after the client leaves, especially the chairs and the door handles, to keep them clean for clientele and employees throughout the day. 

5. Request a review. 

Don’t forget the power of reviews! With all of these hygienic policies in place to protect clients and staff, it is important to let clients know that these measures exist. This is especially true when businesses are running below capacity with less revenue flowing in, according to Harper’s Bazaar The best way to do that after direct notification to them is word of mouth. Suggest to clients to report their safe experience online and to friends and family. Reviews can help your business thrive in the midst of the pandemic because they ensure to the public that your business values the safety of clients and staff and is working to prevent further spread of COVID-19. 

Toyin is standing with all its users during this difficult time to ensure the utmost safety and help steer our world into the “New Normal.” Putting the safety of our users first is the top priority. The Toyin Team is working tirelessly to ensure this safety on the platform and during appointments while staying up to date with the UK Government’s rulings during the lockdown. The Team wishes everyone good health and safety during this crazy time, and can’t wait to see you back in the salon chair soon. Check out this guide provided by the UK Government about the novel coronavirus and policies during the lockdown to stay updated with Toyin. 

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